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My name is Ron Lewis. I consider myself to be an avid fly fisher and have migrated towards quality over quantity these last few years. Not that going out and catching a half dozen Browns on the Mad River is a bad thing...I am just hooked on the high I receive while bringing a 28" Brown to hand, or have a day when eighty-one inches of fish are released in three hours. And yes, these feats were accomplished on the Mad River in Ohio. If you find yourself in the area get in touch. Also, be sure and look up Ohio Trophy Trout Hunter on Facebook and join the group. Guide Rates: Bridge to Bridge - $250 Custom Walks - $Call for Pricing Instruction on the Mad River - $200 (Instruction on the river consists of a personal assessment of the anglers skill sets, and then formulating a 3 hourish lesson designed for targeted angler improvement.)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Natures A Mother

Admittingly it has been some time since my last post. Partially due to my busy schedule, but mostly I have had little to write about on the subject of fishing due to the lack of fishable conditions.

The night of my last post the valley rivers blew out and have been unfishable, or in such conditions that fishing was futile to dangerous. For three cycles of rain now we have been within 24 hours of fishable conditions, and then a setback occurs as Mother Nature blows them out again. Perhaps this weekend will prove to be the Ohio Valleys lucky day.

MVFF had it's annual fundraising auction last night and it seemed to be a hit. There was a lot of money thrown around and I was happy to see my annual guided trip went for just under $250. Thanks for those who were in the bidding war and to the winner, Roy McAnear; a picture of you with a trophy trout will be on your wall soon. I look forward to assisting you with The Ohio Trophy Trout Hunter experience.

As I said, I have high hopes for this weekend and there may be plans in the works for a steelhead alley trip Monday or Tuesday, returning Wednesday.

Get out and wet your lines when you can. See you on the water!

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