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My name is Ron Lewis. I consider myself to be an avid fly fisher and have migrated towards quality over quantity these last few years. Not that going out and catching a half dozen Browns on the Mad River is a bad thing...I am just hooked on the high I receive while bringing a 28" Brown to hand, or have a day when eighty-one inches of fish are released in three hours. And yes, these feats were accomplished on the Mad River in Ohio. If you find yourself in the area get in touch. Also, be sure and look up Ohio Trophy Trout Hunter on Facebook and join the group. Guide Rates: Bridge to Bridge - $250 Custom Walks - $Call for Pricing Instruction on the Mad River - $200 (Instruction on the river consists of a personal assessment of the anglers skill sets, and then formulating a 3 hourish lesson designed for targeted angler improvement.)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Lessons Are For Learning...

The rivers have finally come into prime conditions after quite a few weeks of teasing us local year round anglers.  At 550cfs and a frosted green, The Mad River was the place to be, and mid 60's with clear blue skies was icing on the cake.  

Roy putting his lessons to work.
My Saturday was spent with Roy McAnear, the highest bidder for the Ohio Trophy Trout package at the MVFF Auction this past week.  I met up with Roy and we embarked upon a marathon-casting lesson that taxed us both with the elevated flows.  After an hour or so Roy was casting with some effectiveness and we began working on some fly control.  Though no fish came to hand, I feel a great base was made and our next trip will hopefully be more fruitful.  Roy has a long way to go but he is a great listener and learns readily.  A better student could not be expected and I doubt he will be missing class anytime soon.  Roy will be leading a twenty plus inch Brown to the net…mark my words!

John working on his presentation skills.
Sunday was just as beautiful and conditions equally impressive on the river.  A club member/fishing friend and I tried out a new stretch of water and did about an 8000 foot walk together.  We talked about fishing theory and fly presentation as we strolled down the river, throwing streamers into every nook and cranny thought to hold our prey.  Two beautifully colored, high twenty inch Browns were rolled, but both fell short of the take.  Gold was struck on two occasions, yielding one eighteen and a solid twenty inch Brown.  Both fought vigorously and were in great shape.  

When it all comes together...18 inches of Mad River Pride!
A big streamer is the way to meet one of these wary creatures under the high flows the valley has been experiencing.  Meat…its what’s for dinner!  That said one must have a plan if you intend to trick a Trophy Mad River Brown to your presentation.  Remember…every cast counts…there are no bad casts…presentation is everything.  Swinging a fly is one way of presenting a streamer, but ask yourself how much time is your presentation in the kill zone.  I’ll bet the answer is not long.  If you have a perfect cast, the fly hits the water and immediately departs the strike zone, where any predator would have to give chase to make it a meal. 

Mr. Twenty
This in mind, try altering your technique making your presentation vulnerable longer.  If done properly, you will yield more strikes from bigger fish.  Your assignment is to get out there and find YOUR way to accomplish the task at hand.  Hint… cast to seventy-110 degrees…mend a lot…hold on!

Me with Mr. Twenty...yes he jumped out of my hands
two seconds prior to the shutter opening...I promise.
Battle Scarred Red Rocket

Finally, please practice catch and release as these fine predators have lived a long life, and are truly rare.  Tend to them gingerly and ensure they are safely returned to fight another day.

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