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My name is Ron Lewis. I consider myself to be an avid fly fisher and have migrated towards quality over quantity these last few years. Not that going out and catching a half dozen Browns on the Mad River is a bad thing...I am just hooked on the high I receive while bringing a 28" Brown to hand, or have a day when eighty-one inches of fish are released in three hours. And yes, these feats were accomplished on the Mad River in Ohio. If you find yourself in the area get in touch. Also, be sure and look up Ohio Trophy Trout Hunter on Facebook and join the group. Guide Rates: Bridge to Bridge - $250 Custom Walks - $Call for Pricing Instruction on the Mad River - $200 (Instruction on the river consists of a personal assessment of the anglers skill sets, and then formulating a 3 hourish lesson designed for targeted angler improvement.)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Time Flies...

Its been a whirlwind of days filling the past two years of my life.  I'll begin by sharing the personal aspects which have brought great joy and unfortunate sadness in this span of time.

Angie and I...picture by Zach Johnson
On May 19, 2012 I was privileged to marry my girlfriend and fianc√© of five years.  Angie is a beautiful woman in and out, and I am the lucky guy who somehow caught her attention.  Our wedding day began with me on the water bright and early with my non-fishing best friend, Manny Neikov, who out fished me, and my number one fishing partner and great friend, Jim Calvert.  I could not have had a better morning to kick-start my new future.  Not many women would support this activity on their wedding day, but my beautiful supportive wife did, and continues to do so to this day; for this, I am thankful.

Carl Bruce Lewis pictured with Great Friend JD Gray

Regretfully, my father, Carl Bruce Lewis, unexpectedly passed shortly after our marriage and is sorely missed.  My father is the core of my passion for fishing.  From the earliest of my memories, those which stick out the most, are of my father and I fishing.  Without exception I think of him every time out on the water and even more so now that he is gone.  Get your dads and sons out there with you while you have them.

20" Mad River Brown
Expect to start seeing some Orvis gear, as well as other brand reviews here soon.  I am going to start making a better effort in supporting those who support me, and one way to get this ball rolling is to honestly review the products I use in my fishing successes.

Over the past few years I have had some fishing related goals including a 30 inch Brown on the Mad River, two 20 inch Browns in one outing, and to be published in some form.  I am happy to announce I have achieved the two 20 inch fish in a day.  In fact, I managed three 20 inch fish ranging in size from 20 inches to 27.5 inches, plus a few other respectable nets.  Yes, it was a great day on the water!  That 30 inch fish is out there and I know hes hit me up twice.  Its just a matter of time until I get a hook in his lip, and you will will certainly hear a faint celebration wherever you may be when this happens.

27.5" Mad River Brown
24" Mad River Brown
I have no plans for an article of my own in the near future, but I would like to take the opportunity to highlight Patrick Robinson's latest contribution to Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine (March/April 2014), about fishing Ohio's Mad River.  I am fortunate in being mildly exposed in his feature and give great thanks to him for such.  To date, this is one of the greatest highlights of my fishing career.  Be sure and check it out, as it is a great read, as well as informative.

I have not been on the water as much as I normally would due in part to trying to wrap up my total re-construction of our home.  Angie and I have lived in a consruction zone for the past 7 years and are making the final push in getting the house finished and livable.  The project is transforming nicely, but when I am not actually working on a project I am off working overtime to pay for it.  This has resulted in my being at the firehouse on most of this years prime fishing days.  None the less, you will see below that we are still getting it done on the river.

Thank you for stopping in and catching up with me.  Your comments and advice are welcome and I hope you come back soon and often.  Be sure and tell your friends.  Now enjoy a few pictures taken over the past couple of years.  I am actually off to the river...

Ron Lewis

Big Streamers for Big Fish

Getting the job done...

My wedding day with Manny and Jim

Three days on the Mad River

Picture by Zach Johnson

Two happy guys

Future cover...make notes in low water conditions

Best nets...my opinion

This is about the average...if you put the time in

Lots of great water but you have to get out there and find it

This aint Florida kids...

Its not always the Mad River in Ohio

Night and first light in the Summer heat

Good fishing buddy Brian Furderer getting it done at last light

Please respect them and ensure their safe release

Suck up the cold and get a healthy release

Bad weather fishing can be rewarding

Client getting excellent results

Mad River scenery always thrills me

With skill and attention...this is expected every time I go out

Great lady who allows me to do what I do with "little" question
Take Care...

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