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My name is Ron Lewis. I consider myself to be an avid fly fisher and have migrated towards quality over quantity these last few years. Not that going out and catching a half dozen Browns on the Mad River is a bad thing...I am just hooked on the high I receive while bringing a 28" Brown to hand, or have a day when eighty-one inches of fish are released in three hours. And yes, these feats were accomplished on the Mad River in Ohio. If you find yourself in the area get in touch. Also, be sure and look up Ohio Trophy Trout Hunter on Facebook and join the group. Guide Rates: Bridge to Bridge - $250 Custom Walks - $Call for Pricing Instruction on the Mad River - $200 (Instruction on the river consists of a personal assessment of the anglers skill sets, and then formulating a 3 hourish lesson designed for targeted angler improvement.)

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Month ReCapped

Once again some time has passed since my last posting.  Not from the lack of desire however, it has been a busy busy time, both on the home and fishing fronts. 

First, a big congratulation is in order for my fiancée Angie who has just graduated from Kettering College’s Sonography program with a 3.94 GPA.  Being a very technical program this is truly an accomplishment and her dedication to her studies has paid off big so far.  I love you my Sweets!

My writing time has been consumed by my own education as well.  I will try and get more time in the blog so check back soon and often, or subscribe via email alerts at the top of the page.  Also don’t forget to become a member.

Now down to business.  I have had a very busy month in the fishing world although much of it is in the retail and trade realms since the local waters have been unfishable as of late.  That said, I did get out with Jim Calvert and Brian Furderer for two great days on the water.  As you can see in the pictures, both of these accomplished anglers scored big on our outings during some of the higher river flows, and just prior to loosing the river altogether.

Brian scored four big takes and put three in the net.  All of these hungry kids were in the seventeen to nineteen-inch range, and to add to his resume, Brian scored every one of these beasts behind me.  Talk about getting your ego busted!  Good job Brian. I’ll recover!

Jim beat his personal best on our day out by landing his first twenty-inch Mad River Monster securing his place in the Twenty-Inch Club respectfully.  Jim also took his third largest Brown to my net on our day, and I must say it was tough getting his head into my car for the ride back to our starting point.  Jim is a great fisherman and the friendly competitive bond we have is irreplaceable.  I was honored that he did his best ever in my presence, and he is now a reformed nympher.

I also made it out to my first river clean-up event with the Mad Men Chapter of Trout Unlimited.  These are a great group of people and I was surprised to not have any other local MVFF members there.  Perhaps we can get a small group to come out and aid in the upkeep and river projects sponsored by the Mad Men.  I have committed myself to contribute to ever detail day that I am off for, and I hope I can find some of you out there to join me in this pledge.  It truly is a great way to give back to our local resource and participation is self conscious rewarding as well as educational.  Hope to see you all out there at one of these events!
The weather has not been very cooperative these last few weeks.  One system after another has pushed through and left blown out river systems in their wakes.  This week is no exception; a day before the local waters were to be safely navigable and mother nature drops another inch or so of water into the drainage, destroying river opportunities for at least another seven to ten days barring more rain.  Someday I will be able to get my new outfit on the water and break it in appropriately.

I have finally joined the fly fishing business world by taking up part-time employment with ReelFlyRod.com working in Todd’s shop where I have found a great fit to date.  Todd and ReelFlyRod.com have been extremely supportive of the Miami Valley Fly Fishers and his shop is a budding bricks and mortar establishment with new regular hours, flies, and anything else one may need to outfit their fly fishing needs.  Todd is still lite on tying materials but there is simply no room at this time for such…I am working on it though!

I have also constructed a true guiding service that is also in its infancy.  I am currently contracting through Mark at Delamere & Hopkins in Cincinnati and Todd at ReelFlyRod.com in the Dayton area.  I look forward to growing my relationship with both of these organizations.  If you are interested or know of anyone who wants to get out on the local Dayton/Urbana waters please contact one of these shops and ask for me, Ron Lewis of Ohio Trophy Trout Hunter Guide Service (OTTH).  As previously stated, this is a new adventure and I am building the service as professionally as I know how, expecting great things in its future.

That sums up my month in general. I hope you all enjoy the pictures and art. See you on the water soon. May you all have tight lines! Ron Lewis

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